What's Your Stress-Management IQ?

Sometimes we just can't seem to catch a break - stress happens. And for some of us, early life experiences can pump up even small stressors into seemingly insurmountable challenges.

The good news is that a recent study suggests that nearly 25% of our overall happiness is related to our ability to manage stress.

How are your stress management skills? Dr Robert Epstein's article in this month's Scientific American MIND lets you measure your stress management IQ (also available on line: http://mystressmanagement.com/). He finds that the most effective skills are related to prevention: Identify stressors in your daily life & make small changes to reduce them; Organize your space; Keep lists of what you need to do and spend a few minutes every morning planning your day; Commit to the positive; and Immunize yourself through daily relaxation practices, exercise and thought management.


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