Got Optimism?

"Overall, the more positive we are, the more likely we are to have penetrating moments of insight." -- John R. Ryan
Stuck?  Stymied? Step away from the impasse and reset your brain with a blast of optimism.   Return refreshed, and watch those ideas flow.  Problem solved.

Bloomberg's Business Week explores neuroscience's impact on effective leadership,  "the body of evidence suggests neuroscience has the power to influence how we work and how long we can continue to be effective."  Specifically,  "A positive mood increases verbal fluency, improves creativity and problem solving, and helps us think less linearly, which are key to innovation. " 

Persuasive, but just how to trigger that surge of optimism?  Try these 3 time-tested tips:

1)  Notice the good.  List of 3 things you are thankful for.  Can't think of any?  Check out what other folk are grateful for on our "World Gratitude Map"  (E.g. "I am grateful my nickname is 'Legs')

2)  Walk around the block, stretch, or kick a ball around the yard.  Scientists have consistently found an association between exercise and optimism.

3)  Connect.  Call a friend,  poke your head into the next cubicle, pet your dog.  Social connectedness  and positive emotions are closely entwined and also foster physical health.

At the heart of resilience is the ability to bounce back, to reset.  The more often we reset, the better we get at it.  So next time you're 'stuck, take a few minutes to exercise your 'optimism muscles.'   You'll be that much stronger the next time 'life happens'.


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