Fretting Won't Make the Markets Rise any Faster

Plummeting stock markets seize our breathe like the most serpentine roller-coaster.But this we know: the market over time is a case study in resilience.  Calamity, crashes, chaos, then a slow, steady regrouping.  The market inevitably picks itself up.  Dusts itself off.  And starts all over again.

This we also know: our brains make bad decisions under pressure.
So before you call your broker to holler 'sell', b-r-e-a-t-h-e.  Remind yourself that fretting won't make the markets rise any faster.  Take a moment to focus on  those good things in front of you: that hot cup of coffee.  The dog's fur.   The Eagles 2012 Superbowl victory (OK, getting ahead of myself here.).  In the long run things will work out.  They always do.


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