Wag Your Tail Like a Three Legged Dog!

credit: Yarbrough Photography
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Did you hit the gym today?  Work out at home?  Wish you had?  Our culture is obsessed with physical perfection.  The hard-bodied selves of our dreams are unstoppable,  in control, ready for anything.  And physical health is irreplaceable.

Less scrutiny is given to our mental muscles, our fortitude.  Yet it's our resilience which really makes us powerful, able to weather hardships, the adversity life inevitably brings.

And no one is more resilient than a 3 legged dog. Three legged dogs don't mope around on their doggie beds, seized by 'what ifs' and blaming the cancer or plotting revenge against the son of a gun whose car hit him.  No,  3 legged dogs chase balls,  chase tail, and wonder what's for dinner.

We're all 3 legged dogs in one way or another.  That line at the coffee shop this morning?  Each person was carrying some degree of worry, baggage, scars or heartbreak, damage not always so visible as a missing limb.  That's just the way life is.

The good news?  We can take steps NOW which will render us more resilient later, when 'life happens'.  The Mayo Clinic lists six ways to foster resilience.
Connect to others
Make every day meaningful
Learn from experience
Remain hopeful
Take care of yourself
Be proactive

Each of these can be done today, right now, and cost nothing.  
But wait.  There IS someone more resilient than a three legged dog.  Meet Faith the 2 legged dog..

Faith was born with a genetic disorder. Though her mother tried to smother her she was rescued and learned to walk upright. Faith has inspired soldiers and helped Mexican students read more confidently in English. Her human companion says Faith teaches, "You don't have to be 100 percent complete to be perfect, there is life out there, go find it." So today. Call a friend. Make a plan. Find your optimism. Then go wag your tail like a three legged dog.


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