Scar? What Scar? Barcelona's Éric Abidal Bounces Back

Barcelona football (soccer) standout Éric Abidal had a liver transplant in April after already missing part of the 2011 season for surgery to remove a tumor. Bouncing back from any transplant requires grit: imagine the titanium discipline it takes to return to professional athletics.

It is his attitude if anything  which will bring Abidal back to the game: Just ten days after his transplant, surgeon Juan Carlos Garcia-Valdecasas cited this positivity in  predicting Abidal's return to play, "It's up to him. I wouldn't stop him. Time will tell," Garcia-Valdecasas "He is always in high spirits. He is a very positive character, it is tremendous. He has never complained about anything."

Now Abidal has begun light training at Val d’Aran, a natural park in the Pyrenees. Want to be inspired? This video of his effort is captivating for its serene scenery and dearth of chatter. With each quiet step one can FEEL Abidal's  will to improve, persevere, excel.  His beautiful  resilience.  Bonne chance.

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