KAPOW! Use Your Strengths to Knock Out Stress

Good news! Folk who "use their strengths to do what they do best have higher self-confidence, hope, altruism, wellbeing, and productivity."  

The bad news?  Most of us don't get a chance to "do what (we) do best throughout the day "   Gallup says they've studied human strength for more than 50 years.  Their most recent poll shows  we spend too little time doing what we're good at.

Doing What We're Good At is Good For Us.

The more hours per day folk are able to "do what they do best, the less likely they are to report experiencing worry, stress, anger, sadness, or physical pain"

What Are YOU Good At?
Are you a Problem Solver? Detail Oriented? Charismatic? Dependable?   Grab a sec right now to give yourself a shout out.  Take a deep breathe   Ask yourself,

  • What makes the day fly by when I'm doing it?
  • What trait do others praise me for most?   
Do you get to use these qualities, these "Me-muscles"  in your everyday life?  How often?  How might you increase your chance to shine?  If your job or life's work don't call for or reward your particular strengths it might be time to move on.  Playing from our strengths is way easier than endlessly trying to 'fix' or eradicate our weaknesses

  Life is short.  Stop stressing about what you can't do and focus on your strength.  Flex those "Me-muscles"  to knock out  stress and bolster your confidence, well-being, and productivity.  Kapow!

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