Watchworthy Wednesday: Gratitude Increases Well-being

"As Americans gather to celebrate Thanksgiving Day tomorrow, people around the globe can take part in giving thanks through free online projects that aim to boost well-being and resilience year-round. Crowd-Sourced Gratitude Map Some 23,000 people from 100 countries so far have posted notes about what they’re grateful for on the World Gratitude Map, a crowd-sourcing project founded by Jacqueline Lewis five years ago. It, Lewis said, “encourages users to document and celebrate the good things in life and helps keep their eyes on all that’s good and beautiful and possible in the world.  “I like to say gratitude makes your hair shiny and your jeans fit better,” Lewis said. “It’s true! There is an ever increasing body of hard scientific research that gratitude improves one’s physical and mental health. Gratitude fosters human connectedness and bolsters the immune system. It makes you sleep better and increases subjective well-being and self-confidence. It increases resilience so you can better overcome trauma. Gratitude literally makes us more likeable. That’s what’s in it for us. But, gratitude at the macro level also knits communities together, heals divisiveness and reduces violence.”--Watchworthy Wednesday: Gratitude Increases Well-being 

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