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Meet the Winners!

Our 2022 Sunshine Awards These people and organizations stoked our optimism and made our shared world better this year. The list is deeply personal but the values reflected are universal. Each honoree (or their charity) got a symbolic honorarium. Let's hear it for people who will climb onto the top step of the ladder-even while it’s tottering-to hang the star on the tree for the rest of us.  Jason Kelce:  What if you wanted to record a Christmas album but didn’t think you could sing? Sure Jason Kelce remains a beloved Philly icon for his football excellence, badassery on the O line, and iconic appearance at the Super Bowl Parade. This year Jason founded the (Be)Philly Foundation to invest in youth and launched the clothing line Underdog Apparel to fund it. But perhaps his most joyous undertaking was recording a Christmas album with fellow Eagles Lane Johnson and Jordan Mailata. Undaunted by his lack of musicality or experience, Jason just pulled together the right people (Charlie

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