We see how hard you work!

We see how hard you work, how you try. Here's 10 Ways To Lower Your Work Stress Levels (courtesy of Forbes Magazine, and

featuring World Gratitude Map).
"More than 60% of workers say they feel stressed on three or more workdays per week,...and more than half said that stressing over things less would help them feel happier."

The solutionsCrank up the music. Practice mindfulness. Enforce some boundaries. Get movingThink of the good thingsBreathe. And don't forget to take a lunch: "When’s the last time you ate lunch away from your desk? “Lunch means more than fueling ourselves for the rest of our hectic afternoon,” says Jacqueline Lewis, founder of the World Gratitude Map. “Done right, it can be a microcosm of our ideal day, a deliberate mix of pleasure, sustenance, engagement and rest.”"


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