10 Ways to Survive in a Divisive World

Play Nice! Even if You Don't Like the Other Guy.

An 'Us' vs "Them" culture has taken hold, hard. Republicans vs. Democrats. Police vs. Citizens. Taylor vs. Kanye. 'Black Lives Matter" vs. "All Lives Matter". Jen vs. Angelina. Your team vs. My team.

It's okay to disagree. It's IMPORTANT to disagree.
Especially when key issues are at stake and we believe our way is the right way, or at least the righter way.

What's NOT okay is to be mean.Name-calling. Vitriol. Violence. Contempt. The lack of regard for the other guy, the other way. This is not the way forward. This is not the behavior we want our kids to learn from. This is not the world we want to live in.

Tired of being divided? We are too.
Let's decide to do it differently. Outshine the darkness, one person at a time.
For the duration of the election, would you PROMISE to
  1. Play Nice. 
  2. Use Your Inside Voice. No Name-Calling. 
  3. Listen to the Other Guy. 
  4. Find Common Ground. 
  5. Focus on What's Good, What's Working. 
  6. Don't Feed the Fire. Don't Spread the Hate on Social Media. 
  7. Get your Facts from Reliable, Independent Sources. Fact Check info before you Spread It. 
  8. Find something nice to say about the other guy. It'll boost your credibility. And there's ALWAYS something nice to say once you look for it. 
  9. Treat the Other Guy as if He's Trying His Best: He Probably Is. 
  10. Don't be a Bystander. Ask Other to Play Nice, too.
We can do better. Let's.
Click to Promise to Play Nice.
Best way to keep your friends-and your sanity-til November.


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