The Sweet Smell of Success

"Whining is the opposite of thanksgiving" --Nido Qubein 

Just finished an interview with Sally Deneen at Success Magazine looking to profile our World Gratitude Map for their February issue.  Can't wait to read what she says!

Speaking of success, there is no better speaker on the nature and meaning of success today than Nido Qubein.    Curl up with this video and prepare to be amazed and inspired.

Dr. Qubein epitomizes resilience, rising from a near-penniless emigre to an award-winning business leader and college President. As he celebrates his life of "adversity & abundance", Dr. Qubein emphasizes that success is meaningless without significance.

World Gratitude Map has been accessed by grateful users in 89 countries
Which brings us back to the World Gratitude Map.  A "crowd-sourcing project with an uplifting mission, the map "tracks outbreaks of gratefulness across the earth" As featured in Elite Daily, American Magazine,  Scientific American & NBC News, the map enables users to post geo-tagged instances of gratitude or bliss.  It invites folk worldwide to scrutinize our own lives for significance and engagement--then post them to inspire others.  Some people don't post at all--they just review the entires by others to buoy their spirits and help themselves see the good.

Dr. Qubein says that "Whining is the opposite of thanksgiving".   He hands out these little purple hand clickers to students to snap when they catch themselves or others in mid-whine.
We're tempted to order a crate for the holiday table

In this season of gratitude and connection, let's refine our definition of success to include significance.  Gratitude connects us with others and makes our problems small and manageable.   That's a significant success.

No time like the present! What are YOU grateful for?  Add a red dot to the World Gratitude Map--or just marvel over the thousands of examples of gratitude in the world.  (Here's Dr. Q's dot )


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