Build Your Shell Before the Alligator Eats You

Credit: Patrick Castleberry
American wildlife photographer Patrick Castleberry caught this amazing image of a turtle withstanding an alligator attack.  The turtle's shell is made of bone and gives these ancient reptiles  an evolutionary advantage.

But did this lucky turtle grow his shell hastily as the gator was closing in?  Of course not.  The turtle's hard covering developed over time, rendering him  strong and ready when the predator struck.

Same with our core strength--our  'resilience muscles'.  There are simple things we can do today--before the alligators are lurking--to ensure we'll be strong and ready when 'life happens', when the alligators pounce.

This turtle didn't need to take a class (or read this blog) to take advantage of his natural resources.This is not rocket science.  We know what to do. Stay physically healthy--get enough rest, eat right.

Build our strength.  Stretch.  Exercise.  Lift.  When it comes to our bodies it's 'use it or lose it'  

See the Good. The stories we tell create the people we become.  Focus on what works.  Read the Happy-Hopeful news feed on this site.  Wouldn't you rather read about a turtle surviving an alligator attack than, say, a turtle that didn't? Find three good things today you're glad for.  Use the World Gratitude Map to record your bliss.  Get inspired by what others are grateful for.  Even when things go awry, try to notice one good thing .

Connect.  Simplify.  Take care of yourself.  This resilience we foster as we surmount challenges, trauma, life--is the hard shell which enables us to withstand the next gator attack.   Taking these small steps today will ensure we're ready.

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