We Love the World With You In It!

Recently America observed Valentine's Day, the holiday of love. For those in a happy relationship it can be wonderful.  For others, this constant barrage of ads and articles can feel awkward, even painful.

Yet we've all been touched by love.  This week, I am grateful and warmed by the remembered touch of my mother's hands.  

Sad? Lonely? Find someone who needs your help. You'll feel better and they will too.  Research suggests such interactions are good for us.  A recent Wall Street Journal article proclaims:  "People Who Put Their Mates' Needs First Make Themselves Happier".  A quick canvas of our World Gratitude Map elicits hundreds of expressions of such grateful love.

The best part? For every windswept "I'm grateful for my soulmate" there is a more mundane  "my husband vacuumed my car!" "Empied the dishwasher!  or simply, "My wife is a kind and sympathetic person." And then there's Ted:  "Ted adores me, puts up with my insecurities and kisses me so it curls my toes! Plus he composts." Because the most resilient people manage to see the love in front of them.  They notice the everyday good.  Everyday. Even if it's just Ted carrying the banana peels out back.


Mac the lap dog
It's not just people who make life worth living.  Fur-loving folk around the globe found love with rescue dogs, with ZekeScout the Wonder Dog, Mac who "thinks he's a lap dog"  & Nefy  who likes to 'sniff armpits and wake before the sun," 

Here's one heartfelt tribute to a  peace-making dog:

"I'm grateful for my girlfriend's dog. During any argument, she plants her body in between us and licks the tears from our faces, cutting the tension. She puts an end to any fight with her compassion."

Most beautiful of all is the endurance of love, as in  this post from Australia entitled Legacy of my Late Wife:
"I am grateful to have known her. I am grateful for her love, understanding and resilience. I am grateful for our children whom she raised and are now outstanding people.  Most of all I am grateful for the time we had together, and the beautiful memories of her in my heart for all my days.  I Love You Amanda"

Life is short.  So let's acknowledge the love in our lives, whatever the source.
Tell us what you're grateful for.  Where you spot the love in your own life. Let's get a new red dot on the World Gratitude Map for YOU.

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Browse the World Gratitude Map  for more  reasons to be glad.


  1. Thank you for mentioning my dog, Zeke especially today of all days as it is his birthday. How can I post a picture of Zeke?

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