Wynne Parry's 7 Tips to Cultivate Gratitude in the New Year

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Happy New Year! Inspired by the life and optimism of Miss Joannie from Pringle,  LiveScience writer Wynne Parry distills seven tips to cultivate gratitude in the new year: Slow down and take notice.  Feel your Feelings.  Build in Ways to Help Others.  Say Thank You.  Find Ways to Connect with People.  Be Creative with Nostalgia.  &  (best of all) Notice What You Have. Rather than what you don't. Follow these tips & you'll be bouncing back in no time.
Miss Joannie from Pringle Inspired this blog

The life & Death of Miss "Joannie from Pringle inspired this blog and the World Gratitude Map.  Since it's inception, the World Gratitude Map has recorded gratitude and been visited by thousands of people in 90 coutnries.


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