Dogs Make Life Better

"Many New Orleans natives I met working at the pet shelters had lost their homes, jobs, cars, worldly possessions, and did not know where all their family were. When I asked them if taking care of the pets was important to their sense of resiliency and positive mental health, the answer was always a resounding ‘yes!’ " —Stephanie R. Ostrowski, Captain,  U.S. Public Health Service (USPHS) veterinary team.
photo credit: unknown
In recognition of the key role animals play in our mental health, federal and many state disaster preparedness plans now include provisions for pets. Feeling stressed?  Cuddle with your favorite cat.  Take your dog for a brisk walk.  Feel your blood pressure lower.  Ahhhh, that's better.  Don't have a pet?  Borrow one from a  friend. 

Love your dog? Add him to the World Gratitude Map's 'love my pet' section here.  Meanwhile, meet Lucas and Juno, a boy and his service dog.

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Because, Dogs Make Life Better

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